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“Schoolin’, Splicin’ and Boat Buildin'”…Just a few more weeks left. 



Ocean Sailing Fans, 

Well it is only a matter of weeks now before “Ocean Planet” hits the water, does the IMOCA rollover test (required by the class rules), and becomes a real “Open 60.” 

It seems a little surreal now, to be so close, like a dream. With so much work to do in so little time it seems impossible, but it is all coming together. When I think about it though, it is no mystery why the impossible is happening: Because so many people want it to happen! Everyone is working so hard on all the countless tasks, it is not a normal job for them. This is a dream we all insist on turning into reality! I can’t thank our Team and supporters enough. 

Of course we always need more money but I’m used to that… 

Ocean Planet goes to School!

Last thursday I did some “Ocean Planet” presentations for a couple classrooms of great kids. It is so invigorating to see how interested such young folks are about the sea. They have been studying about “old” sea voyagers like Magellan and Columbus so they get excited about a “hotrod” like an Open 60. They enjoyed hearing some of my scarier sailing stories from when I was young…. They like exciting stuff. 

What was really great was giving a splicing demonstration! I had made up about 70 little splicing kits for them, and they just went nuts over figuring it out. It is amazing how smart some of these little sailors are. I had a feeling they would be smarter than the adults I show splicing to, and I was right! What fun. Even after the bell rang they wanted to stay and splice and hear more stories. I owe their teacher Ann Thomas (who is quite a sailor herself), for inviting me and letting me do my thing. Can’t wait to do it again. Ann is going to set up the class to check in with our email updates so they can stay in touch. These are some shots from one of the greatest group of kids, ever.

Tomorrow I leave for Portland for several days. There is lot to check out, although sometimes I’m sure Steve and the gang hope I’ll stay out of the way! But that’s tough, I need to know this boat inside and out, more so than any boat I’ve ever been on.

Bruce Schwab Skipper, OCEAN PLANET
Globe Challenges
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P.S. The following is a great letter from the Kids of “Mrs. Thomas'” 3rd grade class.

Thanks for our mention in your news to everyone. I put the photos up on my tv monitor in the classroom, and the kids typed these messages to you. I am going to put it on our school website, maybe with a link to your Ocean Planet website. That way the kids can email you, with parental approval, I hope.

Maybe, someday when you have time, you might start an address list for kid stuff, and send them special emails. 

Anyway here is a long thank you note from my class. BTW some of the teachers around here think you are pretty hot. (har har har.. ed.)

“Dear Bruce, “We all really enjoyed you coming in and teaching us about sailing. We especially liked making the splice and the story of the killer whales. We hope you do well in your race. Thank you for coming and teaching us everything. We hope you visit us again!”
From,Brian, Barrie, Robyn, and Alexa.

“Dear Bruce, Thank you so much for visiting our class. Your presentation is the funnest we’ve ever had. The splice was very interesting and fun to try to make correctly. Your story was really scary and funny. We never knew what GPS is used for until you came. We will try to keep the ocean clean. We had a great time. Sincerely, Molly, Grace Marie, and Braden.”

Dear Bruce, Thanx so much 4 coming to my class and teaching us about sailing. I enjoyed learning to splice and hearing your stories. singed, Christina.”

Dear Bruce, I loved having you come to our classroom! I loves the splicing lesson that u taught us! i wish you good luck on sailing across to america! LOVE jamie .”

Dear Bruce, Thank you so much for teaching us about boats. I loved the splicing lesson and the scary stories, like the killer whale story. The ocean is so interesting and fun; I want to preserve it forever!!:)Signed, Neda 

Thank you for coming to read to us you taught us a lot about you and sailing. I can not believe you got that close to a whale. That was a awesome story. Thank you for telling us. Ryan. 

Thanks so much for coming to my class room and teaching us about sailing. I liked learning to make the splice. I still have it and I like to take it apart and making it over again. I liked the story you told us about the killer whale it was funny and scary. I also liked to hear about you’re new boat you’re making the Ocean Planet I like the name and the reason for naming it that I thing it is a good way to encourage people people to protect the ocean. Emily.

Dear Bruce, We had fun when you were here.I liked the splicing It took a while for me to fix it but I did it. When I got home I took it a part and put it back together again because it was fun to do. When you came in I was exited Because you were sailing around the world. Well gotta go send us an e-mail, Hope Austin.

Bruce Schwa, I don’t know if you were trying or not but I learned that it is really important to not litter or do anything to harm the ocean! My favorite part of your class was the splicing part but please give Mrs. thomas one of those little strings because my little brother pulled the loop out so now I can’t get it to work even my dad tried and he couldn’t get it to work when he has been doing it for years! – Shelbi.

Bruce Schwa, Thank you for coming to our class for a visit. I enjoyed learning how to splice. When you did your splice, you made it look so easy. Then when I tried, it was hard. Also, I liked your story about the killer whale. My favorite part was when your dad was screaming and running around the boat. I hope that you come back to our class some day. If you do, come back soon. Thank you Bruce!!!!!! -Josh. 

Dear Bruce,Thank you for teaching us how to make a splice. The story was interesting about the Killer Whale. I was amazed that the GPS is that useful. I learned so much from you also my moms brother as sailed alone to Hawaii and back by his self. From Graham.

Dear Bruce, Thank you for coming in. It was so fun. The splicing lesson was great. I have it in my room and I’m very proud of it. You told awesome scary stories too. The one about your dad and brother and the killer whale was so exciting. I really want to find out about your progress.Taylor. 

Dear Bruce, Thank You for visiting us on Thursday. We liked your exciting story about the killer whale, it was sort of scary. We really liked the splicing lesson. We also liked about the thing that you told us to keep the ocean clean. We will always cheer for you! From, Yin-Ju, Tony, Sherie, Michael.

Dear Bruce,Thank you so much for coming to my class and teaching us the full experience of sailing from a real live sailer. I really enjoyed the Splicing lesson. It was really cool and fun. I also loved the killer whale story it was very exiting and suspenseful. Again, thanx a lot for coming, I learned a lot. Kelsey.

Dear Bruce, Thank you for coming to our school.I really enjoyed the splicing lesson. I told my brother that people used it to hang people. That scared him a lot. I also liked the killer whale story. If I were you I would be scared and I would probably panic. Thank you again, I will go on your website to see how you are doing when you are in the race. From Tanner.

Dear Bruce, Thank you for teaching us the spliing and all the information we need to now for sailing. one day I mite sail. From, Yellow Top, Spence.

Dear Bruce Thank you for that wonderful presentation. It was great to learn about life on a boat. The splices were difficult but fun. I loved listening to all your exiting stories. Someday i might want to be a sailor. Good luck on your race. Roxana.


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