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Portland Ore. Update. 



Hi from the Columbia River, in Portland, Oregon, 

  Included are some of the latest pics of the “Ocean Planet”. There has been quite a bit for me to go over, but the Schooner Creek team has everything under control. 

We will be going over the hardware and layout this weekend, and they will be painting most of next week. Rollover test April 19th, nonstop systems installations, etc, etc. Very exciting to see it coming together. The “Ocean Planet” rules! 

I really love the graphics scheme! Whether or not you miss our party in Portland (full announcement pending) on April 7th, definitely come by Pacific Sail Expo (April 18-22) to take a look.

By the way, all my updates come to you these days from our fantastic AMDpowered computers. This K6+ laptop is great, and what really rocks is the Athlon 1.2ghz powerhouse we have in the office. It is amazing. The only problem is now I can’t stand to use anything else…

Stern View… what our competition should get used to seeing!

Bruce Schwab Skipper, OCEAN PLANET
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