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Pacific Cup Updates 

July 7, 2000


One of the best things about preparing for an ocean race is all the speculation, whining, boasting, and creative lying that takes place beforehand. And there is no better place for all of these than at the West Marine Pacific Cup party that was hosted by Marina Village last night at the Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda!

Attached are a few pics of the happy sailors at the party. I did my best to capture the overall silliness:

Bill Colombo of Doyle Sails Alameda: When I finally got through the endless line, all the food was gone. This photo reveals where it all went. 


Famous Latitude 38 race editor and photographer Rob Moore caught in the act.

Transpac Legend Skip Allen holding forth by the pool. 


General Characters and perennial race organization stalwarts Bobbi Tosse & John Clauser.

The real reason I go to these parties! 


More progress reports on my secret upgrade program for “Rage” later!


Special thanks to our Pacific Cup Sponsors!: 

Doyle Sails Alameda: Official Supplier of sails to Made in America
Titan winch handles: Makers of the superlight “Viper” carbon winch handles
Forespar Mfg: Makers of our badass 32ft “Turbo” spinnaker pole
Samson Cordage: Suppliers of “Amsteel Blue” running rigging, the strongest and most durable line
MAS Epoxies: Suppliers of Epoxy resin to Made in America
Nobeltec: Providing World-Wide charting software to Made in America
Complete Cruising Solutions:
Waypoint: Knowledgable dealers of Navigation and Weather software, charts, and books
HF Radio on Board: Experts in Marine Communication


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