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Pacific Cup Updates 

July 9, 2000



San Francisco, CA

Rage Prep log 2:

7-8: Pacific Cup skippers meeting, and later the Bon Voyage party. Ran into Mark Rudiger, he will be navigating on Philippe Kahn’s Turbo’d Andrews 70 “Pegasus”. Yow! They will be really tough to beat. 

7-9: Rage is getting closer to being ready! Went for a test drive today.


Take a look at the 1st attached pic. Now this is a nice lookin’ kite. Bill Colombo from Doyle Sails Alameda was as happy as we were. This was also our first look at the new “Turbo” Carbon spinnaker pole (32′!) from Forespar, what a work of art. 

In addition, we tried our new Titan Carbon winch handles. The crew was delighted with how they are so light and easy to use. When we got back to the dock, Steve took all the old aluminum and chrome ones off the boat!

We did some communication testing while sailing. Had no problems test sending a photo via satellite with our “Mini-M” from HF Radio On Board. Then we downloaded a real-time weather satellite picture with our receiver from Marilee at Waypoint.

Our new custom afterguys made from “Amsteel Blue” line by Samson Cordage were like bars of steel, this an amazing material.

Also attached are couple of shots from the mast of Rage. Lots of more rigging, electrical, and misc work to do before the start on friday, including a quick haulout! Stay tuned. 


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