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Ocean Planet Yuck!
Mar. 22, 2002


BOOM! BANG! Slosh, slosh….

We are pounding away against the Caribbean tradewinds. Even on a relatively smooth sailing boat like this one the ride is rough. Last night I lost George’s excellent ceviche that we had for lunch, but I’m a bit better now. Poor Serge hasn’t been able to keep anything down. At least he’s drinking water to stay hydrated.

The wind was over 20kts for much of the night but is 16-18 now, not too bad if you have to go into it, it could be much worse!

We are sailing north, anticipating a left shift sometime, and then we will tack. If no shift then we’ll almost all the way to Jamaica and keep the big islands to the north of us.

Ocean Planet at 1530 UTC (7:30 PST): 11 47N, 79 59W, course 010-015 @ 7-8kts, wind 050-060. We’re holding back to keep the pounding down!

Bruce, Greg, George, & Serge


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