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Ocean Planet 250 Miles down, 984 to go!
Mar. 23, 2002


At least it’s less than a thousand miles (as the crow flies) of beating left. We had a windshift a little to the left last eve so we spent last night on port tack going east. Now we are heading just east of north again on starboard tack. The ride over the waves is more comfortable on this tack so we have opened up the speed to 9+kts.

Our Position: 13 23 N, 78 21W, course 0-10, spd 9-9.5kts.

OP is sailing herself under autopilot the whole time, we just press the buttons now and then. I have given the autopilot the same name that my dad called the self-steering windvane on the boat we went cruising on when I was 14: The boat was the “Sara-B”, and the vane was called “Elbeauregard (say elbow-regard) Calpepper the 3rd”. So if I refer to our 5th crewmember El B, you’ll know who I’m talking about.

Anyway, we are hanging in there, I’ll send some pics tomorrow…..

Bruce, Greg, George, Serge, and Ocean Planet


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