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Ocean Planet Vendée Globe Update:
Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Position 45 54N, 05 38W, @ 17:31 UT

Last Night at Sea?

This COULD be my last night at sea during the Vendee Globe race. My ETA changes every five minutes with the shifting, capricious winds, but we only have about 165 miles to go.

There is a lot do… I have TONS of emails to answer, a big bath to take, flags to put up, general cleaning, etc, aside from the sail changes and navigation. At least I’m not bored.

We already had our first official greeting… by the French navy! I was watching this ship on radar get closer and closer, and just as I was just about to call them on the radio they called me first. What a wonderful surprise to hear they knew who I was, on this little boat hundreds of miles from land! Is that cool or what?


The wind continues to blow directly from the finish, but it is suppose to shift north soon. Yeah, right. We’ll see!

I have been doing interviews on our Iridium phone every day now. My favorites have been with Ron Barr on Sports Byline, but all of the interviewers have been great. I have a few more today and of course tomorrow! Thanks to all the journalists who have stuck out their necks on my behalf, because they believe the Ocean Planet journey is something special. Special thanks to Katy Muldoon of the Oregonian for covering us daily. I plan on being in Oregon very soon and look forward to doing a show on the Vendee race there, so stay tuned!

Also, every day now I talk live to the Media Center in Les Sables where there is always a big crowd. What fun to hear all the people cheering in the background!!

Nice article today in the Portland Press Herald (Maine) by Deidre Fleming:

Tomorrow (or Friday, maybe) is going to be WILD.

Bruce Schwab, Skipper
USA 05/Ocean Planet


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