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Ocean Planet Update:
Wednesday June 8, 2005

Portland, Maine

A special day!

Ocean Planet arrived home to the U.S. greeted by a crowd of young and old:


Dodge Morgan (the first American to sail solo nonstop around the world, in 1986) speaks, while Phin Sprague, our host from Portland Yacht Services, and I listen:  



So I could try to describe our arrival back to Portland, Maine, by myself. But I don’t think I could top this official statement by the Governor of Maine that was read at our U.S. Homecoming on June 3, 2005:









State of Maine

WHEREAS, on February 25, 2005, Bruce Schwab became the first American to officially complete the Vendee Globe race, which is the world’s most challenging and extreme sailboat race; and

WHEREAS, Bruce completed this solo race in under 110 days; and

WHEREAS, Bruce prepared his boat, Ocean Planet, at the Portland Yacht Services in Portland, Maine; and

WHEREAS, after more than a year at work in Maine, Bruce launched Ocean Planet in Casco Bay and Portland officially became Ocean Planet’s home port; and

WHEREAS, Bruce has made education a strong component of his work, taking great time and effort to share with Maine students the importance of science and math; and

WHEREAS, Bruce has inspired young and old alike thoughout Maine and the entire United States; and

WHEREAS, Maine welcomes Bruce Schwab and Ocean Planet back to Maine for their official homecoming,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOHN E. BALDACCI, Governor of the State of Maine, do hereby proclaim June 3, 2005 as…

throughout the State of Maine,
and urge all citizens to recognize this observance.

John E. Baldacci, Governor


Wow, I’m very proud of this honor bestowed on me by the Governor!

Now, thanks to these special sponsors for the Ocean Planet Homecoming, on June 3, 2005:

Portland Yacht Services: http://www.portlandyacht.com/
MAS Epoxies: http://www.masepoxies.com/
MOT Intermodal Shipping: http://www.motintermodal.com/
Shipco Transport: http://www.shipco.com/
Shipyard Brewery/Capt’s Eli’s Root Beer: http://www.captneli.com/
Clean Water Solutions: http://www.cleanwatersolutionsinc.com/
Modern Pest Control: http://www.modernpest.com/
Robin Hood Marine Center & the Osprey Restaurant: http://www.robinhoodmarinecenter.com/
Hamilton Marine: http://www.hamiltonmarine.com/
Maine Flag and Banner: Winham, Maine,  207-893-0339 
Brunswick Jr. High School

Also thanks to these individual supporters of the Ocean Planet Homecoming:
Linda Cronkhite-Johnson
Ginnie Moran
Bill and BJ Stephens
George and Kathleen Jones
Phineas Sprague Sr.

And then to top it off, on June 6, I went to visit another great school, Poland Regional High, to tell them about Ocean Planet: www.sunjournal.com/news/city/20050608088.php

Stay tuned for more soon about our future plans and dreams for the Ocean Planet program. In many ways we have only just started, and there are many ways for individuals and sponsors to get involved!

Bruce Schwab, Skipper
USA 05/Ocean Planet


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