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Ocean Planet Transatlantic update:
1343 UTC, October 1, 2004
Position 47 16 N, 25 24 W. 

Rough Conditions and Hard Objects in the North Atlantic.

Education Website Preview is Launched!

Special thanks to Isis Systems Group!

The past couple of days have been quite busy for our delivery team. We experienced a rather intense trough/front the night before last that produced some amazingly large and confused seas. Of course the best(?) stuff is always at night, but below is a shot from yesterday after the front passed and the sun came out. Also yesterday, the very back edge of our working jib blew out during the night. I guess that 20,000 miles of sea and sun finally added up, which is a bummer since we can’t afford a new one and will have to patch it for the race and hope for the best. And if that wasn’t enough, about mid-day yesterday there was a resounding CRASH! and then a horrific creaking and groaning under the boat. We had hit something solid and it slowed us from 12 to 5 knots in a hurry. It took a couple of short sessions of sailing backwards to shake off whatever it was, and it was a big relief to have the noise stop. However, there is no doubt that we will have to haul out in Les Sables to repair what must be certain damage to the keel and/or hull. This is a tough boat, but a whack like that can’t be good. We can’t afford the haulout either, but I haven’t given up on fundraising yet.

The new www.oceanplanet.org website is up with preview of Ocean Planet/Bigelow Labs new ocean sciences websites! Have a look and see what will be coming during the Vendee Globe race, it is great stuff. Also, revisit the news and updates section on www.bruceschwab.com. All of the updates from the very beginnings of the “dream”, starting in 1999 through the 02/03 Around Alone, etc, are all accessible from one base page for the first time! Enjoy the ride…..

Our websites, www.oceanplanet.org, and www.bruceschwab.com, along with these updates that come to you, are the handiwork of ISIS SYSTEMS GROUP (www.isissystemsgroup.com). The Team there have been working with me (which is often rather difficult…..) for a long time and have been great supporters. They deserve the thanks of all of Ocean Planet’s supporters, since without their help our websites would not exist. Someday, somehow, I will make it up to them…I hope! Thank you gang!

Back to analyzing the weather…right now we are working to the SE to get below the approaching remnants of Hurricane Lisa. What fun!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweetheart at home, Jeanie Sousa. I have been away from home for far too long, but she is still there waiting for me. There is no way I can ever repay my debt to her, but after the Vendee, I will try. 


Bruce Schwab, Skipper
USA 05/Ocean Planet


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