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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Around Alone Log
Wednesday, October 30, 2002 1300gmt
Pos: 27 21N, 14 23W
Heading 180T@ 9-11kts, wind NE, 10-13
Pressure: 1018mb


Hi from the Eastern Atlantic (almost the western Sahara!). I’m happy to say that after another long night of constant jibing and windshifts, we finally made it past the Canaries (the birds, AND the islands…). It was a beautiful night with a lot of lights on the shore, warm, and light (again) winds. But I seemed to have found as good as anyone else, having passed all the Class 2 boats except Brad. That will take a while as I think he’s in good wind now after his own nighttime wind battles. (I communicate with Brad via Satellite email often. It is good to get his take on things and share our woes…and jokes).

Looks like steady moderate wind for a few days, and it will be nice to make some tracks towards the equator! I put up the big genniker again this morning and it might be up for a while….

That’s it for today, take care all.


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