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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Around Alone Log
Thursday (Halloween), October 31, 2002 1230gmt
Pos: 24 55N, 17 12W
Heading 195T @ 10-13kts
wind NE at 13-16kts. 


It’s about time! This is what we were looking for: downwind sailing at decent speed, in the sunshine. Looks like it will last for a few days, too! Wish I hadn’t said that…..oh well, I’ll trust my luck and the weather files.

Closed in on Brad a little bit, but he’s got the fastest 50 footer in the world for off the wind sailing. I’m glad I have SOMEONE nearby to chase!

Good thing the sailing is fairly easy now, as I have been spending a great deal of time on emails, getting ready for the (yet another) big rush in Cape Town. Hard to say when I’ll be arriving, but I’ve got the pedal down so we’ll have as much time as possible there. I’ve cleaned the boat up a bit, but I’m not getting carried away so that I’ll have plenty to do in the doldrums…;-)

It may be time to get the guitar out soon…depends on how things go. I know everyone thinks we have lots of time out here, but it amazing how it disappears. Several nights over the last few days, I couldn’t believe the sun was coming up already, after what seemed like a few hours of sail changes, eating, a couple 15/20 minute naps, emails, ….then SURPRISE, the night is over! The days are similar, but it will be easier now for a bit. Thanks King Neptune! I hope to pay homage to him at the equator….next week? We’ll see. 

Now, I’m REALLY going to take a nap, I swear… Bruce


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