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Ocean Planet Report
Wednesday, November 6, 2002 0930gmt
Pos: 06 08N, 23 21W 


While dodging (and sometimes crashing right into) the rain squalls last night, I was lucky to have fairly consistent wind. Well, constantly shifting and changing, but with minimal time spent drifting. Of course, the wind has been generally the exact opposite of what every weather file I get has predicted, but overall my positioning seems to be working okay. Still a ways to go to get to the SE tradewinds on the other side, just have to keep fightin’ and movin’. Uh oh…..

Okay, where was I? (Just came back to from an hour on deck trying to get the boat moving in a wind “hole.” Waves from every direction, making it tricky to walk on deck even in little or no wind. The banging and crashing of the sails, boom, and everything else it quite annoying….but a little wind just came back.)

The other day, in a case of heat stroke, I was whining about not having that “Big” sponsor. However, what I can be infinitely thankful for is the devoted Supplier Sponsors and Partner Sponsors that have helped make Ocean Planet possible. These great people and products have been proud to join with our contributors to support me and Ocean Planet. Some of them are new, but others go back a long way with me to other races that I have won and continue to do whatever they can. (BTW, I have won a LOT of sailboat races, if you didn’t already know…too many to even list here). You will see the Supplier sponsors on the bottom of each of my updates, and our Partner sponsors are listed on the sponsors’ page on our website.

If you support Ocean Planet, or if you just enjoy my (sometimes good?) updates, I’m going to make a request (or better yet, make that an ORDER!) that you let these folks know that you appreciate them joining with us! They need to know that someone is recognizing their efforts. Pick one and send them an email when you get a chance, I’d appreciate it. Also, find one who’s products may have something to offer you and show them your business. You will find out why each one of them I would have chosen to have aboard whether they were a sponsor or not. They are the best.

Sheesh, the wind has quit AGAIN….gotta go!


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