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Ocean Planet Report
Wednesday, November 6, 2002
Pos: 5 15n, 23 32w.
Part Two


I feel like I am in hell. There is no wind now, after getting blasted by a squall. Flopping, slamming, noisy. I sit here slatting while all of Class One (except Tiscali) and even Brad in Class Two sails away. Brad’s experience in the doldrums must have paid off somehow, for nothing here makes sense. The weather files are useless as the information in them is totally wrong. And now I can’t even get those since the mini-m satphone modem has just quit working. Which now leaves the Sat-C as my only communication. It is text only (billed by the character), and has no data capability for pictures or documents. The mini-m’s behavior doesn’t make sense as it simply stopped all of a sudden and now won’t respond to anything.

Infuriating!! Let’s hope tomorrow brings wind……


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