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Ocean Planet Report
Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Position: 40 16S, 34 03E


Took it easy most of yesterday and last night with triple reefed main alone much of the time. Had the working jib out for some of the time, but the wind is up and down and on the “up” it was a bit much for the new jib. Lost some ground to Emma and Simone as a result, but I was in recovery mode from the “scare sessions” the night before. The heavy reacher is out of commission so it’s the working jib or staysail for now…no way I’m putting up a genniker! I put up the staysail a while ago…would have done it sooner if it was on a furler as I’d rather not have to go white water rafting on the foredeck when I need to put it up. Need to change that someday when we can afford it…

When I went up to raise the staysail, I discovered that the 300ft 4:1 halyard for the working jib had somehow gotten washed out of it’s bag and over the side. At 15kts the pull on the line must have been a steady 50lbs or more…but I slowly hauled it in and sat on it so it wouldn’t wash off again before I could get it back in the bag. Got it cinched down so it should stay now. My arms are getting bigger every day….;-) 

Winding up a bit further north than the others, which I think is fine for now as the wind should not be much different north vs. south for a couple days and I will have a good angle on the others if they have to jibe. I remember what happened to Parlier in the last Vendee… he was sucked too far south and lost his lead coming back, only to break his rig trying to get back in front.

Still have a leak in the bow after a year of efforts to stop it and it is totally frustrating! Other than that the boat is good, and I’ve almost got all of the antifreeze cleaned up that the mechanics dumped in the engine sump and bilge… 

I have a preliminary waypoint entered north of the Kergulen Islands. The only hitch is that it has to be quite a ways north to clear the shallow water shelf around the islands. I’ve been looking at the main island on my Nobeltec Vector charts, what a strange place. I remember that Isabelle Autissier stopped there in the 94/95 race to replace her rig, only to get rolled again later and rescued by the Australian Navy. We can go south of it, but not south of Heard Island, which is a mandatory waypoint to stay north of.

Soon I shall consult my ultimate charting and routing weapons: my globe (at least it has no mercator projection distortion) and of course Wilson, the volleyball. Will let you know what they say.

By the way, do you know who David Haliwill is? If not, you should! Especially if you need any great branding artwork done. He has been a great supporter of Ocean Planet for some time and just made the following announcement:
“Halliwill Design pledges 10% of creative fees on new projects from clients mentioning Bruce Schwab and Ocean Planet, to support OceanPlanet.org during 2002-2003.” 

“Halliwill Design, creates and produces annual reports, marketing brochures, corporate identity, advertising, packaging, environments and design solutions to realize strategic corporate and cultural visions.”

Please give David a call! And thank him for me for his support while you’re at it….;-)

Looking out the back door…. 

Bruce and Ocean Planet 


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