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Ocean Planet Report
Thursday, December 19, 2002
Position 41 07S, 40 00E


Which way to go? There is better wind to the south for now, but the jibe angles in a couple days may not be so good to get back north….which looks like what we should do due to a nasty low predicted to pound the fleet on the 24th and 25th. Merry xmas indeed…

I took advantage of a windshift to gybe north yesterday and made up some good miles on the others, but the latest grib (weather) files show that I am sort of trapped north now. If I gybe south now the angle is lousy, it will be better late tonight but the wind will likely be getting lighter up here by then…..aarrggghh. Anyway, I spend hours staring at this computer trying to solve the puzzle, but the bottom line is that I want to be north in a few days and make sure I don’t get trapped under the storm. Looks like Thierry is thinking similar thoughts as he has split away from Bernard on a more northerly route also. Long way to go, but every mile counts….

I’m bummed that my heavy reacher, which to be my primary running sail for the southern ocean, is out of commission. It needs a heavier duty luff rope that won’t twist, our first test rope of the new Samson Validator AT (anti twist) is good but too small in size. The torque loads on the roller sails are enormous when rolling them up in a blow. I could use the reacher right now, the working jib is too small and a genniker too risky….I just spent an hour at the mast staring and thinking about putting up the genniker, but opted out. Wisely, I think. 

The weather is actually beautiful right now, sunny with birds careening about. Ocean Planet is moving well despite being undercanvased, I think she likes the waves here.

That’s it for now, there’s some stuff to fix and food to cook….. 

Bruce and Ocean Planet


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