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Ocean Planet Report
Sunday, November 24, 2002 1700gmt
Pos: 37 12S, 03 38E


As fast as we went yesterday afternoon and evening, Brad on Tommy Hilfiger went a bit faster. Power reaching in a breeze like that is the very best point of sail for the wide Groupe Finot style boats like his, and his is the fastest Finot 50 in the world. But still I was disappointed, with Ocean Planet being a 60 footer and all. Some of the features to make her faster in those conditions have yet to be installed, but you can only do what you can afford to do. It’s better to be here in the race than to sit around forever waiting for loads of cash to make everything perfect…

But if I was a little disappointed at last night’s report, this morning REALLY knocked me down. The speed producing northwesterly on the edge of the advancing high pressure passed me by (along with a front and a ton of rain) late last night, and I screeched to a relative crawl. I figured Brad would slow down soon too, but the 40 mile or so lead he had turned into a hundred as he wound up hanging to the wind for several more hours until the morning. Brad emailed saying that that happens down here a lot with the moving weather patterns as a few miles can turn into many. Still I think I need a new rabbit’s foot.

Anyway, right now it’s nice, sunny sailing upwind in light air. Even though 8 knots is a far cry from the 14+ we were doing yesterday, at least I’m still making progress. Which is good since I don’t have an excessive amount of good food left. I’ll be ready for a change in diet in Cape Town as I am getting a little tired of pasta, that’s for sure. 

Here, want some?


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