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Ocean Planet Report
Saturday, November 23, 2002 1330gmt
Pos: 36 19S, 01 18W Heading 100T @ 13-16kts
Wind NW @ 18-20kts


If only THIS would last! Just have to make the most of it as the wind is going to be dying off again late tonight/early tomorrow morning.

But in the meantime, Ocean Planet is lovin it and this is what it’s all about!Brad is just a little ways ahead, and he and I trade fun emails several times a day. Neither of us have a good reason to press TOO hard as the race is scored by points, not time, and he has a big lead on Tim in Class 2, and I also have a huge lead on Tiscali. He knows I am partially handicapped sail-wise for now and I need to be careful to keep the main intact until the finish of the leg, otherwise it might not be so even.

But nevertheless, there is the issue of who buys the beer in Cape Town….;-)

New Doyle D4 main and jib coming into Cape Town!! Wahoo!! A ton of work to do there, but that sure is a big thing to look forward to. 

Trying not to giggle,


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