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Ocean Planet Report
Saturday, November 16, 2002 1330 gmt
Pos: 29 39S, 29 10W Heading 130T @ 9-10kts
Wind N @ 7-10kts Pressure 1019mb


Not much to report today, except that the ole girl is slippin along very nicely for how light the wind is. Too bad there aren’t some other 60’s around….been going almost 2kts faster than Brad up ahead and closing fast. Not the best conditions for his boat which is super optimized for fast reaching. 

It is beautiful, idyllic sailing right now. Every mile that passes is appreciated for there could easily be no wind this close to the high pressure. I’d better enjoy it as we will be in much windier and faster conditions in a few days. As well known Bay Area sailor and cruiser Jim Corenman says: “One of the surest signs of approaching bad weather is the presence of weather that is extremely good”…..;-)

The only real big issue today is if and when to jibe if we get lifted much more. The further south we go the sooner we have more wind, but it costs more miles. As long as we can keep up this speed though, I’m not inclined to go hunting and will keep going straight ahead. Later for now,

That’s it for now,


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