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Ocean Planet Report
Monday, November 18, 2002 1320gmt
Pos: 33 40S 25 34W Heading 60T @ 9-10kts


Ugh! It was very strange last night, with an eerie mist alternating with small clearings. I flew the big genniker all night and jibed five or six times trying to get a good angle. It was impossible to sleep since the big swell made steering by apparent wind a messy proposition, and it was too shifty to sleep steering to a compass heading….yawn ;-O

Looking at the digital weather files it looked like might be good to fight east for once instead of south like we’ve been doing. Looks like it paid off as I avoided a big hole that swallowed Brad, and will be upwind when a strong NW wind hits this afternoon or evening. I should be getting a big header (right shift) soon so I’m heading a little north at the moment. The challenge will be, once the breeze fills in, is to go as fast as possible to hang with the wind that will be squeezing between a low to the south and the big high to the north. There is a good chance we can ride it for days. I’ve gotten ready for the breeze, organizing the boat, taking a good (cold!) bucket bath, stacking the gear and sails on the port side, etc.

This should be a fast stretch coming up. I hope so, since it is time to get this show on the road and make some REAL mileage towards Cape Town. The work list for Leg 3 is very long and we need as much time there as possible!! Time for a nap, hope the wind is steady for a while… 



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