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Ocean Planet Report
Tuesday, November 19, 2002 1320gmt
Pos: 33 54S, 21 08W
Heading: 090T @ 12kts


The wind is slowly building as the low pressure approaches us from the southwest. It is really nice to be able to actually point the boat in the general direction of Cape Town. The Nobeltec nav software ETA calculation sure changes when you do that! Good thing we’re going faster, as I was starting to wonder if I had enough food.

There is NOTHING out here, except for birds. The ones I see now are black or dark brown, with white markings on their faces. They wheel about with incredible artistry and never flap their wings. They are obviously highly evolved for life out here, and they look very sleek and sharp.

Just staying organized and getting ready for the coming breeze. Also spending a lot of time in communication with the Ocean Planet Team (Ashley Perrin, Jason Winkel, and others) getting organized for Cape Town. There is a lot to do, but it sure makes me feel a lot better to have their help planning ahead!

Supplier Sponsor highlight for today is AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)! AMD came aboard Ocean Planet while she was still being built in Portland, and they supplied all our computers for the boat and our office as well as helping to support getting us in the water. I now have a new ATHLON XP powered laptop on board that is TOTALLY AWESOME (dude!). I can’t believe how well it handles the heavy navigation and routing programs, graphics, and you name what else. All of you Ocean Planet supporters need to get an ATHLON powered PC! (Don’t even think about brand “I”, what have they done for you or us? The power for $ value of AMD is superior anyways).

Then let AMD know you did it and appreciate that they support us! They need to know that it’s worthwhile to support us in the future! Thanks in advance for your purchase, you won’t regret it….;-)

Sails need trimming, see ya later,


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