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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Around Alone Log
Boom on its way!
Brixham, England



The actual cost was $2,280.47 an awesome price to ship a boom ($25,000 original quote) from other companies.

-Ted and staff for building the boom in record time.
-John Zisa who took invaluable time away from his family company
– ZED Group Inc: Put together a plan to ship and get an awesome price. Investigated UK customs and taxes and inform us regarding these issues. Researched crating companies. Liased between Lydia, Ashley, Ted, JB and the forwarding company Got Ted in touch with Air France to avoid having to build a crate ($2,500 original quote for crate) Physically helped Ted to package our boom for shipping, Personally delivering the boom to the warehouse at Logan (no charge)
– Tim Danford who paid for the shipping from Boston to London Andrew Roberts who is paying shipping from Heathrow to Brixham.
– Leanne and staff who organized the shipping itinerary (see below) Boston to New York New York to Prestwick Prestwick to London ETA 8th October 22:00 London to Brixham ETA 9th October Afternoon sometime.
– Lydia Vargas for being my double in the US!!
– Betty for organising the wiring of the money. 

Thank you again for all your help in getting the boom here. Now fingers crossed that it all works as planned. This update makes it all look easy however this has been a challenging job. I believe something in the region of 200 emails have been sent between everyone. 

Ashley (very tired in Brixham)

(Here are pics of the boom during construction and minutes prior to being loaded into the plane.)


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