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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Around Alone Log
October 09, 2002
Still fixing and repairing
Brixham, England


Here we are in the land of “Mad Dogs and Englishmen,” but us solo sailors are the nuttiest folks around these parts.

It’s a flurry of activity here. Up early for food shopping, at “cash and carry,” sort of a mini version of the Costco stores we have in the states. My “donation can” on the boat was fairly successful over the weekend, so at least I’ll have plenty to eat! We had a crowd of volunteers on the boat all day, and it is hard to keep it all organized but I am making headway. “Mayors luncheon” at the Brixham YC at noon, then back to the boat. 

The boom was waylaid in France, but should be here tomorrow. The reinforcements for the water ballast tanks are still being made, so that looks like tomorrow, too. Hull dings got another fill of epoxy, and work continues on the running lights, new SSB radio antenna, Iridium phone installation, sail repair, misc. rigging, blah, blah, blah . . . I spent the afternoon sorting the food out and packaging it into the storage containers so we can load them straight on the boat when the time comes. We have been storing the food and some other stuff in a shower stall at the marina, really nice of them to let us do that…see attached pics, they are a little silly, but the shower shot just cracks me up. 

Kojiro (Spirit of Yukoh) and Alan (BTC Velocity) finally made in yesterday, I’m SOOOO glad that I’m on a 60 footer…..I made up a funny song for Koji that I hope to play tomorrow night at a big party that is being thrown by Pindar (Emma Richard’s sponsor) on their converted trawler(?) I have met Andrew Pindar, really nice guy, and totally committed to getting the most out of his investment in Emma and sailing. Nice to see it being done the right way…while we scrape away!

I’d be totally hosed without the many talented helpers here in Brixham, here’s a few:

Malcolm and Janice Cooke, who are putting me up. They know everyone and are really involved in the club. Calvin and Jane Moulder have been working like crazy on the boat, and Jane drove me to the store today. Calvin is no sailing slouch, having been second in the Fireball worlds back in the 70’s…..and they made us dinner tonight! In fact, I’m on Calvin’s computer right now….

Supplier Sponsor highlight for today: Schooner Creek Boatworks! Ocean Planet is one of the toughest boats ever built, and Schooner Creek pulled it off against all odds (and lack of funds). There have been amazingly few changes or modifications, given the record short time they had to finish the boat last year before we sailed away from Portland. When you need a miracle (or just a nice boat), give them a call. 

$ countdown to stay in the race: Need to raise $20,000 (minimum) by next Wednesday to make deposits on sails and misc. bills. This is serious: I’ll be in Leg 2 no matter what, but if we don’t get new sails (main & working jib) for Leg 3 we won’t be in the race. Doyle Sails are giving me the best deal possible….we can do it with your help!



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