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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Qualifier Update
June 30, 2002


Good morning, this morning! Fairly mellow night last night, and today is quite nice as the edge of the low we have been riding has handed us off to a building high pressure ridge. The wind has lightened and backed from southwest to more south. A couple of small rain squalls this morning, and then I took out the second reef as it got a bit lighter and I didn’t want to dally.

It alway works like a charm to get the wind to pick up, taking out a reef….so of course now it’s back in! Actually, if we were racing she wouldn’t need it, but I’m being careful still. 

Here we be: 37 45 N, 55 37 W. SOW (speed over water) is about 11, but SOG (speed over ground) is over 12, so we have favorable current. We’ll take it! At this rate, we’ll be in Horta, Faial, Azores, in 4-1/2 days, but I’m not counting on it. As usual, exceedingly nice conditions make me rather suspicious, but hopefully I’m wrong! 



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