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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Qualifier Update
July 1, 2002


Much slower going now as we enter the western side of the Azores high. Funny how much things can change in a couple days, but that’s what wonderful about the ocean. It’s not exciting sailing, but it is BEAUTIFUL out here. Perhaps I could have gone further north to stay in the wind a little longer, but the high should squish south in a day or two and I should be fine. 

Right now I have the full main and light roller genoa up, Sam Bush on the stereo, and just finished a bath and general cleanup around here. I think that’s why they put these big patches of light air in the middle of the ocean, so we can get organized again. Great idea!

Finally saw some freighters last night, three at once, then they were gone. They must travel in schools around here…;-)

That’s it for now, I feel a nap coming on….but maybe I’ll put the kite up first…



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