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Ocean Planet Report
June 27, 2002

Position: 35 26N 72 22W course 070mag at 11kts.


When you have to stay up almost all night dodging freighters and fishing boats, it sure helps to know you are taking the best vitamins! See the announcement and thanks to Mariner’s Vitamins for the great products. 

A percentage of the sales of Prometan bars (which are really delicious) and Mariner’s Vitamins will go to support Ocean Planet and the Made in America Foundation, so please visit their site where these products will soon be available!

We are still in need of donations or that “big” sponsor to make the Around Alone, but it sure helps to have these folks aboard. 



Mariner’s VitaminsT Joins Ocean Planet to race around the world! 

San Leandro, CA, June 27, 2002—SCS Intensive NutritionT, a San Leandro based nutritional supplement firm, proudly announces its support of solo racing sailor Bruce Schwab and Ocean Planet, the revolutionary new all-American Open 60 Class racing yacht. Bruce Schwab and Ocean Planet have entered the challenging Around Alone, the world’s longest solo competition in any sport. Recognizing the need for improved nutrition in one of the world’s most grueling events, Intensive NutritionT will support Ocean Planet and Bruce with its expertise and the latest nutritional supplements from its exclusive marine line, Mariner’s VitaminsT.

SCS Intensive NutritionT is a professional nutritional supplement company, founded in 1968 by Dr. Bela Balogh. Its manufacturing center and main office is located approximately 30 minutes from San Francisco, and it has recently expanded to include a European sales office in Budapest, Hungary. Intensive NutritionT manufactures and distributes over one hundred nutritional supplements to health professionals, retailers and health conscious individuals worldwide. All formulas have a foundation in Dr. Balogh’s scientific research and have been designed for superior bioavailability in the human digestive system.

To optimize his racing performance, Bruce will utilize the latest from the Mariner’s VitaminsT line, including 5 specific products that support and meet the nutritional and energy needs of active sailors. PrometanT, a high-energy bar, combines anti-stress vitamins with fortifying nutrients. Unlike most energy bars, PrometanT provides exceptional nutrition without sacrificing taste. Multi-VMT is the professional grade multivitamin is available in moisture resistant packaging, perfect for the marine environment, and provides the complete spectrum of daily nutrients including antioxidants. Bromelain, a natural anti-inflammatory, helps speed recovery from muscle strain or sprain. Mag’CT is a Vitamin C Ester formula fortified with Magnesium that will help keep colds at bay and keep one’s digestive system regular. Last but not least, TabitT is an invaluable product as it is an excellent anti-diarrheal and can help treat an upset stomach.

For more information on Mariner’s VitaminsT and Intensive NutritionT, please contact SCS. 1972 Republic Avenue San Leandro, CA 94577 1-800-333-7414. Visit us online at http://www.marinersvitamins.com/ or http://www.intensivenutrition.com/. 



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