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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Qualifier Update
June 28, 2002

Pos at 1217 UTC:
35 26.5N 66 52.6W.
Course 100m at 14kts. Wind SW at 20-25kts.
About 1850 miles to go! 


Now we’re havin fun. This is the first chance I’ve had to sail solo on the boat in good running condtions. We’re zooming along even though I’m not pushing it and am sailing a bit undercanvassed. Right now we have a double reefed main and the working jib (which is relatively tiny on this boat). Had the small genniker up the second day out, but had a bad roll-up putting it away that evening. Looks like it needs to be modified with less roach (extra sail area in the back of the sail) in order to roll up better. I definitely want to have that sail dailed in before I use it again if I want to avoid another foredeck wrestling match. There is another sail I have yet to buy, a special reaching/running jib made from Doyle Sails new OceanWeave cloth, when we can afford it….. 

Everthing seems to be working well, so I’ve been trying to stop worrying about everything and get some rest. There was a spell last night of 30kts where we were flying, but noise and motion was making it hard to sleep so I cranked up the stereo to partially drown out the wind and water. Not sure how much it helped sleep-wise, but at least I started to relax a little…..;-)



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