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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Qualifier Update
July 8, 2002


Center of the Atlantic

Horta, Faial, in the Azores!

Across the waters of the Atlantic come sailors from Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the U.S. (just to name a few), to this green, mountainous, and historic island. For centuries this quiet natural port has been an essential sailing stop over and resupply oasis. For the crews and boats it is a much needed chance to take a breath of air filled with the smell of flowers instead of seawater and to walk on ancient cobbles rather than a rolling deck. 

Such is the sense of appreciation for this place. An amazing tradition has come to pass, that every one of the thousands of boats that pass through here must make their mark to commemorate their visit. Upon the miles of seawalls and sidewalks of the marina exists a most wondrous display of art. 

As you walk along, you travel the globe as you read the names and nationalities of countless adventurers. The level of imagination put into the paintings is overwhelming as you sense the relief and delight of those who reach this place after thousands of miles of crawling across the ocean.

Family LeMercier! I found your sign! (Followers will remember the friendly French family and their boat Malamok that I met in Antigua.) 

Most of the signs are whimsical, such as this one below;

And some play upon famous art pieces:

Supporter Lydia Vargas arrived today and is as charmed as I with Horta. Tomorrow, the remainder of my crew arrives. Sadly though, we must leave soon as the race to reach Newport is on and I hear the clock ticking. 

But I took some time (and I had some help) to leave a nice little sign on the pier:

I think Bruce could do a fine job decorating cakes too! Doesn’t this look tasty enough to eat? -ed.) 

Bruce and Ocean Planet


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