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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Qualifier Update
Return delivery to Newport, RI USA
July 11, 2002

Pos @ 2240gmt:
35 29N 30 23W
Course 245T at 9kts. 


Off to Newport!

With a combination of reluctance and anticipation, we set off for Newport, RI, USA yesterday afternoon. This time I am not sailing solo, but have a crew of a few supporters including a very key one, my Mom! I am a bit apprehensive about subjecting her to the rigors of ocean sailing (my dad is the sailor), but she has been contributing to the cause and really wanted to go. The other crew are supporters Lydia Vargas of Valpraiso, Indiana, along with Edie Felix and Rich Jones of Portland, Oregon.

After falling completely in love with Horta (even though I hardly left the marina), it was tough to leave so soon. I could spend forever there meeting sailors and sightseeing! But if I’m going to make the start of the Around Alone, Ocean Planet needs to get the boatyard, the sails to the Doyle loft, and a million other details that need to get done. Oh yeah, there’s also the small detail of raising the money to pay for all of it….preparing for and doing the qualifying trip completely drained our funds. It is good that I have a crew now, for I will be spending a lot of time on the satellite e-mail looking for $!

There are two basic ways to sail to Newport from the Azores: North, over the top of Azores high which is the shortest but primarily upwind, and South under the high which is longer but easier. Not wanting to risk breakage (40kt winds are blowing on the north side) and create even more work to do, we are taking the southern route. We headed straight south out of Horta last night and are continuing to dive south to pick up some NE winds in the next couple days, I’ll keep you posted. 

Please send us any ideas and/or sponsor leads (I have some helpers to follow up since I’m out here….), time is running out!

Horta, Azores in the rear-view mirror.

Bruce smiling while “On the job” with his Mom.

Bruce, Crew and Ocean Planet


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