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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Qualifier Update
July 3, 2002

1235 UTC
39 43N, 42 13W
course 095mag (78true) at 10kts. 


The wind hasn’t quit yet, so I’m taking advantage of what we have to keep working north. Hopefully there will be some wind in the last few hundred miles to the Azores, which according to the weather fax pics will apparently have a giant “H” in the sky just west of them….;-)

For now it is great, fairly flat but moving good. Last night was another dreaded rain squall from hell, not that much wind but way too much lightning! For such a light show and the huge rain pattern on the radar, I thought It would blow so I reduced sail and basically hunkered down. As it was, I just wound up not sleeping much for no big reason, just worrying! But better safe than sorry. 

See several freighters a day now, must be on the Freighter Freeway. As long as they don’t get too close… 

636 miles to go, as the seagull flys, but we’ll probably sail a good 800 to get there. Stay tuned. 



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