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Ocean Planet Report
Newport, RI USA
August 15, 2002 


She still floats!! What a relief to feel the boat in the water. Just the sound of the little harbor waves lapping at the transom makes me feel better.

Of course, the boat is dirty and there’s still a ton to do. But if we hurry we just might get Ocean Planet weighed tomorrow, along with the mast (part of the safety rules process). Hopefully we will also step the mast tomorrow, so we do the 90 degree inclination test and the 20 degree heeling test. 

The “90” test is to provide data to calculate the “AVS” or Angle of Vanishing Stability which has to be the minimum of 125 degrees (or was it 127? It doesn’t matter since OP’s AVS is near 147!!). The “20” is really a test to make sure that you don’t heel more than 10 degrees each way with all of your water ballast and/or canting keel (depending on which you have) fully transferred to one side or the other.

It’s dark now and I was out driving and running errands for much of today so I’ll try to send some pics tomorrow….

Yes, I’m a nervous wreck sometimes if you were wondering. LESS THAN A MONTH TO GO BEFORE THE START OF THE AROUND ALONE!!! Thanks to all of our supporters new and old! Only about $60k to go to make the start! Keep ’em coming!! I’m going for it on the boat prep, so if we run out of time before we raise the $ it’s going to be a dicey situation with the bills …. But I have faith, ya just ‘gotta believe’ after having been so lucky so far.

If you are near Newport this weekend come on by, we could use your help!

Big thanks to Mariner’s Vitamins for the Prometan bars, as they keep me going when I don’t have time to stop for a bigger meal. Actually its been a good time to test out the new formulation. Verdict: They work, and they taste great (seriously)! Try some out and don’t forget to take your vitamins!

More info and pics of the boat soon, I promise….hey, wait a sec… I just noticed a good shot and went outside to get it. I know you’re not supposed to have the flag up at night but I’m glad I did now….



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