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Ocean Planet Report
April 10, 2002


Hey there! 

Thought I’d take a break from today’s boat project fun to drop a note from an internet cafe right here in Nelson’s Dockyard in English Harbor, Antigua. This is a beautiful place with a rich history from the original inhabitants, the French, and mostly the English who controlled much of the Caribbean from Lord Nelson’s navy stronghold. There is much architecture and buildings here from that long era, and some of the newer establishments here in Nelson’s dockyard (a historical monument) are built right into the older brick and mortar buildings. It’s very nice and keeps the old flavor alive as well as providing services like this computer I’m using right now…..15 cents a minute may seem like a lot for an I-cafe, but it’s a lot less than the $3.00 a minute charged on Ocean Planet’s Mini-M inmarsat phone!! 

I took a walk through the museum the other day, and it was sobering to note how much use the English made of slavery here to bolster their control of the region. There is always a lot to learn from the past, and to see how far the world has come. Of course when I get back from an ocean trip and watch the world news, I am reminded of how close we are to sliding back to religious and racial turmoil. There is only one Ocean Planet (besides the boat) for all of us to share, and there is no room aboard for religious or political fanaticism from either the East or West….only sailing (or other fun-loving) fanatics allowed!

Checking the panels on deck:

At least I already replaced the rotating mast boot, so that won’t leak anymore….I have to feel proud about finishing something! 

“Hey, want to buy a piece of Ocean Planet? Actual thru-hull core sample for sale!”

But you will also have to pay Steve Rander and Schooner Creek boat works (http://www.schoonercreek.com/) for their secrets on how to build a boat this way…..

That’s it for now, I’m gonna do a little net surfin and then head back to OP and get back to work…


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