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Ocean Planet Antigua Update #1

April 11, 2002


Big news if you haven’t heard: the September 15th start of the Around Alone (remember, that’s what Ocean Planet and I are gunning for.), has been moved to New York! The start will be the grand finale of the tribute and celebration “Sail for America” taking place in NYC exactly one year after the tragic events there last September. This is a very meaningful change for me, as I have strong feelings about the importance of a thoughtful recognition of what happened on September 11th. Even though the financial odds are not stacked in my favor, I will try harder than ever to make the start of the Around Alone. As the only American entered in Class One, I will be heartbroken if I can’t represent the USA in this challenging international race. 

Please take note that we have a $50,000 matching grant put up by a group of our supporters, which we can only receive if we raise an equal $50,000 by June. So if you want to see Ocean Planet in the race, now is the time to help out! Also appreciated are leads to corporate entities that could use the international exposure that we have to offer in the Around Alone. 

Check out the race website for details on the race and the new start: www.aroundlaone.com, and visit www.oceanplanet.org for info on how you can get involved and help us out. 

From Antigua in the West Indies, Bruce 


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