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Ocean Planet Progress 

Update 01-31-01


Sailing Folks, 

Wednsday we paid a visit to Portland, Oregon, to check the progress on Ocean Planet. There were a lot of details to go over with our builder, Steve Rander. However, I certainly don’t need much of an excuse to go see the boat, I’d move onto it right now if I could!

Several Team supporters and helpers came along too, and we were all very impressed with the progress. It sure makes a difference to see the boat in person. The attached photos don’t do her justice. For instance, the boat looks much longer and narrower in person than it does through a camera.

The cabin coachroof also looks much larger in the pics than it does in person. It is going to get cut down a lot anyway.

Don’t let the wood fool you into thinking that this is a “low-tech” boat. Kevlar and carbon are used along with the wood wherever the properties of the material are most appropriate. There are at least five different types of wood, each species selected for its particular density, weight, and strength: Western red cedar, aircraft “Finn Birch” ply, sitka spruce, okume ply, fir ply, etc. With the carbon, kevlar, e-glass, and epoxy, the end result is an amazingly light and strong boat. I won’t be afraid to take it anywhere! Our hull laminations are primarily with a special MAS epoxy. MAS is noted for its extremely low viscosity that gives great wet-out and wood penetrating characteristics.

Attached are pics of our deck begining to take shape, our custom Forespar carbon fiber bowsprit, a glimpse of the interior, and a computer rendering of the hull shape. No copying!!

Bruce Schwab, Skipper – Ocean Planet


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