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Ocean Planet in the Around Alone – Update
Wednesday, 14 May 2003 05:19:48 -0700


Ocean Planet People –

I’ve been ashore for a week now, and I am still absorbing the fact that I have circumnavigated around the world. At some times I feel very different, and that my life will somehow be changed from here on out, but often I feel like I was here just yesterday and that nothing happened. Strange…but I’m not totally surprised at this. I always look at things in many different ways so this is no exception for me. Only time will tell how I process the experience of the last year(+).

Hopefully, the act of sharing my experience with others will also help to bring the trip into focus for me, too. This is one slightly selfish reason for wanting to do lots more classroom talks and answer lots of questions. I find that kids ask the important basic questions that I often forget to ask myself, or at least get me to formulate my thoughts into more concrete images.

In any case, soon I will make an official announcement regarding my intentions for the Vendee Globe race starting in 2004. More on that later…..but for now, it’s still time to celebrate the Around Alone. If you are anywhere near Newport, don’t forget to come to OCEAN PLANET’S BLUEGRASS MUSIC party, Wednesday the 14th, at Christie’s in Newport! It’s shaping up to be a humdinger, and I’ve even been practicing my guitar….;-) BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

Bruce and Ocean Planet


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