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Wocket Construction 

Update 09-13-00 


Wocket fans, 

I can’t resist showing off the latest pics from Schooner Creek Boat Works of our Open 60! (note: all photos at bottom of page) All of the plug material has been removed, showing the inner wood skins and longitudinal stringers. The whole inside will soon be coated with MAS epoxy (Thanks to MAS Epoxy!) to seal and protect the wood. 

Then, we HAD to do a test fit of the carbon cockpit/coachroof structure, just to see how it looked. In fact, I’m going to Portland this weekend to check it out. I simply can’t hold out any longer, even if there is tons of work to do here. 

By the way, the pics make the boat look wider than it is. When you look at the drawings, she’s really quite the Arrow! (or Wylie Wocket, that is) 

Sponsorship update: While The Made In America Foundation is working hard looking for a “Title Sponsor”, we are VERY VERY proud of our Official Supplier Sponsors. Without them, and your contributions* we would be NOWHERE. Just a reminder of who these wonderful folks are: MAS Epoxies, Forespar MFG, Samson Cordage, Doyle Sailmakers, Nobeltec, Waypoint, and HF Radio on board. 

We also have a NEW OFFICIAL SUPPLIER SPONSOR! They are a great American company and manufacturer that many of you will recognize. There will be an announcement soon, but first I propose a little contest: Can you guess who they are? I’ll give you some hints: They are NOT from the Marine Industry…., they can make your computer run faster that anyone else…., that’s all you get for now! 

Hmmm, should we have prizes for the correct guessers? It shouldn’t be too hard to guess as I have dropped hints before…. Tell you what: Team Fleece jackets to the first 2 correct guesses, a Team fleece vest to the 3rd, a Microfleece shirt to the 4th, Long sleeve polos to the 5th & 6th, short sleeve polos to 7 & 8, and team hats to 9 & 10! No insiders eligible, and you get just one guess! So be careful… 

*For all of you who enjoyed the Pac Cup updates: If you haven’t made a contribution to the Foundation, please consider doing so. Even a moderate donation from a fraction of our Pac Cup update followers would help cover the cost of sending the updates. The Atlantic Challenge isn’t far off….! 

Bruce Schwab, Skipper


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