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The start of the Vendee Globe in Les Sable d’Olonne 

2000-10-28 Update


Sailing fans (like me!), 

I am off to France tomorrow with some of my supporters to view the start of the Vendee Globe in Les Sable d’Olonne. I pronounce this town as “lay sob dloan” which I think is close. 

We will be taking lots of pictures and I will try to report back to you semi-daily if I can get online. The start of the Vendee is by all reports the most spectacular sailing media event there is. I will try to give the feel of what it is like to be there! 

Even though we did not make the starting line this year, we did pay the (non-refundable) entry fee. As a result, the race organizers will give us close access to the boats and the solo sailing rockstars at the docks. It will be very exciting to see the boats in their final configurations, but bittersweet to watch them sail off without me. Our All American Open 60 will be racing next year, beginning our program of racing and training leading to the next Vendee in 2004! 

For those that need to contact me, I will be checking my traveling email account: capn_wocket@hotmail.com 

Also, if you have important news and need to contact me by phone, fellow traveler Tim Danford will have his GSM phone which works in Europe. We will be 8 hrs ahead of Pacific time! 408-505-6523 

Check out the new English Vendee website! http://www.vendeeglobe.com/home.asp?lang=us 

Stay tuned,
Bruce Schwab Skipper,
Made in America Globe Challenges 


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