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The delivery North to Charleston
May 10, 2002


Greetings from the Good Ship Ocean Planet! (Friday morning, 5 a.m. PST)

We are now 732 miles from Antigua, and 642 from Charleston (24 03N, 72 25W). We have been flying along, and what a great trip so far! The weather has been very accomodating, allowing us to fly our beloved “Borland” genniker the whole way. Thanks to Borland software for the great sail which we have used for thousands of miles already.

Right now our speed is over 15kts on a course of 310Mag. We have been leaning “left” (west) towards the Bahamas in order to stay in this breeze as long a possible, as it may start dying later today or tomorrow.

Blastin by the Bahamas,



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