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THANK YOU Brixham!

October 17th, 2002 

Position: San Francisco


Over 1000 hours of work in the last 3 1/2 weeks went into getting Ocean Planet to the start of Leg 2 (Brixham to Cape Town possibly via Spain). We would like to add Bruce’s thanks to everyone in Brixham who made the seemingly impossible possible!

Brixham Yacht Club members, including the commodore Chris & Marie Bedford

Boom Transport Team: 

Ted and staff– Boom Builder
JB – For all the Mas Epoxies
John Zisa and staff at Zed Group – boom transport to UK and batten delivery. Check out his article on Sailing Anarchy
Andrew Roberts – UK boom transport and customs paperwork – donated the cost to get the boom from Heathrow to Brixham
Lydia Vargas – Bruce’s cousin and U.S. liason during the boom shipment

Boom Assembly Team In UK

Peter – great pipe!
Steve Hodges
John Kimble – did most things, hope you enjoy your round the world back packing trip. Fiddle player like Bruce
Brian – truck driver from Clipper who drove all night from London so the boom would arrive at sunrise on Thursday.

General Helpers 

Calvin & Jane Moulder – housed me all week and led me use there computer till 2am every morning. Also for spending everyday working on the boat and for the lunches.
Malcom & Janice Cooke – housed Bruce and Steve and also cooked a great dinner for us all. Also thanks for the iron which we used to repair the sail!!
Stuart Kelday – helped all over the boat
Rodger Dobson – housed John, Lydia and Andrew and also did a lot of electrical repairs. Please thank your wife for letting us have you all weekend!!
Hannah Brown, Tracey Strainge, Matt Dodd, Brian Catley, Ken James
Guys off Hexagon for the use of their container and job halyard to get me up the radar mast. Hope you enjoyed your pints boys!
JC from Bobst thanks for all the tools A Bientot.
Gilles for all the advice on the water ballast tanks etc.
Richard Butlin – helmed SUHAILI when Bruce started with Robin also helped Tim Kent and us doing odds and ends. Thanks for the hinges and locks on the crates.
Reg & Sharon Hill (Coastguard/Divers) & Parrot – thank you for the use of your computer, phone etc.
Tony & crew ( Millenium diving) – thank you for the use of your camera to check the hull damage.
RNLI & Coastguards + the Royal Navy send off team from Brittania Dartmouth
MDL (marina) staff for the use of shower cubicle and for closing down the marina on Saturday when we needed to move the boom.
Mark Hampton – We saw him walking down the dock so he got sent to the top of the mast and worked 12 hours a day for the next two days!!
Robbin Grey from Pindar for the use of your RIB.
Mark from Eastern Electronics for your SSB advice
Doyle Southampton, Westaway Sails and Powerex Battens
Plus the many people who donated money in the bucket, with grateful thanks (£650) 

The Composite Guys 

Gary Venning and Team
Tom Wylie
Everyone who took 40 grit sandpaper in hand to prep the waterballast tanks. 

Computer Genius

Richard Clifton (CADCO/ HSBC) – thank you for the donation and for the help with our main.


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