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American Sailor Bruce Schwab Announces Initiative to Enter 2008 Vendee Globe
PORTLAND, MAINE (December 6, 2005) – This morning at a Paris Boat Show press conference, solo sailor Bruce Schwab announced his initiative to lead a campaign for an American entry in the 2008 Vendee Globe.
Joining the “Salon Nautique de Paris” press conference via phone, Schwab said “My goal is to build upon the success of our 2004 OceanPlanet Vendee sailing and educational platform and form a new American team for 2008.  With either me or an up-and-coming American sailor at the helm, we plan to earn a podium finish.”
The focal point of the campaign is an all new Open 60 racing yacht named OceanPlanet II, to be built in Maine.  The design/research process will begin in early 2006 and construction by mid-summer.  Conversations with an American design team and Maine boat builders are in progress.
Last February, after more than 3 months alone at sea, Schwab became the first American to complete the European-dominated Vendee Globe race (solo, non-stop, and unassisted around the world).  In doing so, he set the American round-the-world speed record at 109 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes, and 57 seconds.
“Bruce has become the premiere American solo sailor of this age,” noted Dodge Morgan, OceanPlanet Foundation board member and the first American to sail solo, nonstop around the world.  “It’s a thrill to see his mission evolve.”
JB Currell, president of MAS Epoxies and founding OceanPlanet Foundation board member remarked “Based on Bruce’s successful record, his education platform and his proven ties to Europe and America, we expect strong corporate and individual support.” 

The OceanPlanet Foundation’s offices are located at Portland Yacht Services in Portland, Maine.  Schwab, a long-time resident of California now resides in Woolwich, Maine.  

Schwab was the winner of the 1996 solo Transpac along with many other solo and crewed ocean races.  He was the only American finisher in Class One of the 2002/2003 Around Alone. He has also been awarded US Sailing’s Alfred B. Hanson medal for at-sea rescue.  Schwab is the only American racing in the Open 60 circuit and has logged over 100,000 ocean miles.

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