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Pacific Cup Updates 

July 16, 2000

San Francisco, CA


As it turns out, the boat just in front of us yesterday was Taxidancer. We had an all day drag race, going from jibs to reaching kites, and finally to the Whomper. Glad to say we slowly chewed them up. 

Pegasus was well south of both of us. They bore off to the south much more than us on the first night. Probably should have gone south with them, but they were to the north of us before dark and we couldn’t see them on radar with the heel angle we had. I think we’ll have a gimbaling radar on the Open 60! 

We had a great porpoise show in the afternoon, they are amazing. They go for style points while getting “big air”, but when you try to get a picture of them all you get is the splash after they go back in the water. 

It was very light at times last night, and you could almost read by the full moon until the overcast set in. The wind got quite light a few times, a sign we could have gone further south? We will know more at this mornings check in! We are all a bit nervous with anticipation. 

I am very happy with all of the Rage upgrades. Our Turbo Forespar carbon pole is working great! Also our Samson “Amsteel” sheets and guys are like steel. 

Will try to send another note after the 9am check in. 

See ya, Bruce 

Me again. Just got the check ins. We have managed to work our way to the south of Taxi. They are still ahead of us as far as miles to Hawaii goes, but I like our position. There is a number of boats pretty well parked up ahead and to the right of us, so we want to go around the bozo zone.” Pegasus has come up in front of us, and are about 15 miles dead ahead. We actually sailed the most miles of anyone in the fleet in the last 24 hrs! 

Hi to everyone, talk to you tomorrow from the rockin ship Rage!

Bruce Schwab Skipper

Special thanks to our Pacific Cup Sponsors!: 

Doyle Sails Alameda: Official Supplier of sails to Made in America
Titan winch handles: Makers of the superlight “Viper” carbon winch handles
Forespar Mfg: Makers of our badass 32ft “Turbo” spinnaker pole
Samson Cordage: Suppliers of “Amsteel Blue” running rigging, the strongest and most durable line
MAS Epoxies: Suppliers of Epoxy resin to Made in America
Nobeltec: Providing World-Wide charting software to Made in America
Complete Cruising Solutions:
Waypoint: Knowledgable dealers of Navigation and Weather software, charts, and books
HF Radio on Board: Experts in Marine Communication


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