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Ocean Planet Vendée Globe Update:
Thursday, March 24, 2005
Back in California…

Seminar and Vendee Globe show in Portland, Oregon

I’m still reeling from a fantastic time in Portland, Maine. Check out this interview with Maine Public Radio’s Barbara Cariddi:

“Legendary Sailors Compare Notes
Reported By: Barbara Cariddi – Date Aired: 3/18/2005
In 1986, Harpswell resident Dodge Morgan became the first American to sail around the world alone without stopping. He remained the first American to do so for nearly 20 years–until Bruce Schwab came along. Schwab has also become well-known in Maine. He spent a year here, preparing his boat for the grueling, around the world race.”

To listen to the story,
1) click here: http://www.mpbn.net/search/default.asp
2) then type in Bruce Schwab and it will be the first story to come up.

Things are shaping up for my visit to Portland, Oregon, thanks to the efforts of supporters Rich Jones and Steve Rander. On April 14th Schooner Creek Boat Works (the original builder of Ocean Planet) will be hosting a special all-day seminar by yours truly. Should be fun! Then on the evening of the 15th I will be doing a video and slide show about the Vendee Globe (GREAT video, trust me!). This Friday show will be in Portland also, and will be $20 a ticket, with kids under 17 free when coming along with the old folks…. Stay tuned for the location.

Click here for the info on the April 14th Seminar

Click here for the Seminar Registration form

Hope to see you at either one or both days!

Bruce Schwab, Skipper
USA 05/Ocean Planet


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