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Ocean Planet Vendée Globe Update:
Friday, February 4, 2005
Position 05 20S, 30 42W, @ 16:36 UT

Rock & Roll!!

Rock and roll time!!

Although we may be ‘parking’ in the doldrums soon (or at least slowing down), for the moment it is ROCKIN’ on board Ocean Planet in great sailing conditions!


Not as fast as southern ocean surfing, but compared to all the beating and tight reaching we have done lately, just a little shift in the breeze was all that we needed. Sliding along at 12-14kts without too much effort is the perfect way to eat up some miles toward the finish in Les Sables! We’d better enjoy it now, because after the equator it will be back to banging away with the wind at much tighter angles. But I have no complaints today.

Honorable mention of the day goes to my all-time favorite sailing website “SAILING ANARCHY.” That’s right, I might as well admit that I am indeed a SAILING ANARCHIST!….;-) SA has been a long time supporter of Ocean Planet!


Sailing Anarchy may not be for everyone… in fact, conservative parents might have a peek before letting the young-uns get too far into it… but the hilarious editorials, great sailing shots, and “anything goes” sailing forums are very entertaining. It might be a little crazy at times, but many world-class sailors, engineers, yacht designers, and you-never-know-who are contributors to the fun. Check out the forum on the Vendee Globe for instance!

In the meantime, we are rockin’ northward towards the equator, and I hope to be back in the northern hemisphere sometime on Sunday. You know, this migration and skipping winter isn’t such a bad idea… no wonder the migratory birds have been doing it for so long……;-)

Bruce and Ocean Planet

In the meantime… Anarchy Rules! For today, anyway….

Bruce Schwab, Skipper
USA 05/Ocean Planet


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