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Ocean Planet/USA 05 update from Bruce Schwab:
Thursday, October 30, 2003


Yep, it’s true. Due to semi-popular demand, I finally have my first CD available of my guitar music! Check it out, sample mp3’s are available for streaming downloads on the website:

Perhaps you’ll be surprised that a lifelong sailing flunkie like me can actually PLAY the 12-string, 6-string bass, and steel & classical 6-string guitars? Don’t worry, I don’t sing on it, so hopefully you’ll have little excuse not to order some for yourself or for holiday gifts. Proceeds from the sales of the CD will go to The Made in America Foundation to help with my Vendee Globe effort, and if we sell enough I can get some new guitar strings…;-)

Although I was the only competitor in the Around Alone to bring a guitar around the world, I didn’t play it much while in the race. But when I did it was a good mental escape if I was in a bad mood, for instance from a broken boom! Fortunately the guitar I brought was very lightweight and could also have been used as a paddle in an emergency…

While our trusty Open 60 awaits my return in Portland, Maine, I’m on the other coast (the western one) tending to home and The Made in America Foundation business until Nov 9 when I head back east.

Looks like it will be west-east pinball for me all winter, but I’m REALLY excited to be ramping up our boat for the Vendee Globe. In coming updates I will be keeping up to speed on the changes and improvements that will be taking place, so stay tuned.

Bruce Schwab, skipper,
USA 05/Ocean Planet


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