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Ocean Planet/USA 05 Update from Bruce Schwab:
Friday, December 05, 2003


Hi folks.

I imagine that everyone has been as busy with past and upcoming holiday schedules as I have, so I’ve slowed down a bit on these updates…or maybe I’m still full of turkey…;-)

Thanks to everyone who came to my talk at the Newport Yacht Club on November 22; It was a great time! Coming up: I’ll be at the Lake Champlain YC on January 24, check it out at http://www.lcyc-vt.org/.

Tomorrow, I fly back to Maine and the boat where it will be a full on effort to get cranking on the projects list. Most of the work will still be done by me, but thankfully a few volunteers are going to be pitching in over the next few months. All the help we can get now is important so that we can stay on schedule for the Vendee Globe while we continue the sponsorship hunt.

No big “brand” name yet, but nevertheless, we are relentless. I am happy to say that many of our Official Supplier Sponsors that were aboard for the Around Alone are coming on again, stay tuned for special updates on each of them in the coming weeks. So far they include MAS Epoxies, Doyle Sails, Infomatrix, Nobletec, and Samson Ropes as returning suppliers, in addition to new Official Suppliers Solara Energy and Portland Yacht Service. Each and every one of them sell great products and are great organizations. It is truly reassuring to have them aboard.

Even more reassuring is the help from recent contributors! Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive:

Julie Lucchesi (in memory of Daniel Patrick Sullivan)
Richard Holden
John Hanna
DC Chesney (The Wuvulu Crew)
David Davis
Loren D. Beach
Herman and Ann Trutner
Dan & Linda Newland (three-time single-handed Transpac winner!)
Chris Johnson
Tom & Pam Phillips
Howard Holmes
Terry McKelvey
Lake Champlain Yacht Club
Sam McFadden
Quincy Bragg
Will Haible

You are all my heroes (and heroines)!

Also, thanks to all who have ordered OP clothing and my CDs. It has been really gratifying to get some kudos as a guitar player, since I thought I gave up that dream of being a musician at 19 when I started working full time on boats….

Bruce Schwab, Skipper
USA 05/Ocean Planet


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