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Ocean Planet Update:
Tuesday August 23, 2005

Portland, Maine 

So you would like to sail on an Open 60? 


Well, nearly all of the Open 60’s that are currently racing (and the 50’s for that matter) will soon be gathering in Le Havre, France for the start of the Transat Jacque Vabre on November 5 & 6.  Unfortunately for me (but lucky for you) one of the Open 60’s that WON’T be in France is Ocean Planet.  


Instead, Ocean Planet will be staying in the U.S. and sailing in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, Maine.  So you can sail aboard the first U.S. racing yacht to officially finish the Vendee Globe (and that holds the American solo circumnavigation record), without having to fly to France!  Ok, I admit flying France isn’t so bad, but it’s less expensive here in Maine and despite the odd accent, folks do speak English….;-)


Depending on the experience you are looking for, there are different ways to get the most out of sailing an Open 60.  You want to do a speedy transatlantic, doublehanded?  Learn performance offshore navigation and weather analysis?  Or perhaps just feel what it is like to drive an ultralight 60 at 20kts?


 Well, all that is possible, but perhaps the best way to start off is to:

Join the OP crew for the upcoming Shipyard Cup in
Boothbay Maine, September 9-11!

The regatta is hosted by the famous Hodgdon Yachts boatyard and will include several festivities along with my slide and video show on Saturday evening. We won’t be officially racing, but we will be able to pace along with and view the majestic megayachts as we head out to to sea and show you what OP can really do.  Since we won’t be under racing pressure, you will get the opportunity to drive and I can share with you some of what this great boat and I have learned over the last 60,000 miles (or so).

It’s not free….we have bills to pay…but perhaps not as much as you thought.  For adult sailors it will be $200 a day or $600 for the weekend (sail up to Boothbay on the morning of the 9th, sail Saturday, Sunday, and back to Portland on Monday).  If you want to sponsor a younger sailor (and I hope you do!), it will be $100 a day or $300 for the weekend.  Contact me and let me know if you are interested, at bruce@bruceschwab.com, or at  510-847-9950 .


If you can’t make it to the Shipyard Cup, or if you are looking for a more serious session on Ocean Planet, let’s talk about what works for you.


And DON’T FORGET: OP is on display at Portland Yacht Services this Friday/Sat/Sun (August 26-28).  I will be giving guided tours at 11am, 1:30, and 3:30pm for $5 for adults (kids are free!).  The kids can also check out “A Day out with Thomas the Train” while they are here.



See you soon,



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