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Ocean Planet Update:
Thursday May 5, 2005
From France

Back in France!

I’m back in France!

It was starting feel like forever since I last saw our good ship Ocean Planet, but once I stepped back aboard here in Les Sables d’Olonne late last night…. it was like I just finished the Vendee Globe yesterday.

Along with several Ocean Planet supporters I am back to prepare for the transatlantic trip back to Maine. But of course there is also the small matter of the Vendee Globe awards celebration this Saturday (May 7th)…. already there are some very impressive and puzzling structures being assembly on the “Le Grand Plage” (the Grand Beach) near downtown! It will be a “real shindig”, as my Dad used to say!

If you missed my talk at the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon on April 21, you missed a great evening with a lot of really great “Ocean Planet People” attending. I was overwhelmed with gratitude to all of the long-time friends that attended, and to re-live the last few years with them was truly special for me. Thanks to all of you who were there.

We will set sail on our transatlantic trip to Maine around May 9 or 10, with a crew of three enthusiastic supporters of Ocean Planet. More on these great folks soon…..

It is good to back in Les Sables… while food shopping today at the LeClerc supermarket, I was spotted and recognized by a mother and daughter who just HAD to have my autograph, signed on an old envelope the mom pulled out of her pocket. It was SO cute… I must admit it is really gratifying to be able to make someone’s day so easily like that. I am a very lucky person.

More soon from your loyal reporter in France,

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