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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Around Alone Log
Sunday, Sept. 29, 2002
Pos: 49 07N, 13 11W
Wind: 15-18kt SSE 


Getting closer to England! I can tell because it’s raining. Constantly. I’ve finally escaped the clutches of the low pressure that has been torturing me for days. Now I am still close-hauled, but the wind is lighter so I can us bigger headsails. I have to be careful, since headsail is designed to be used with the mainsail for a particular wind range. So without the main we are low on power and have to use the next bigger headsail that you would normally use for a given wind strength. Last thing I need to do is blow up one of them! 

I discovered that one of the brackets holding our big alternator to the engine has broken. Probably while charging last night. I can use it, but it’s not a good idea so I’m afraid I’m going to turn off this PC to save power for now. So I’ll only be checking email a couple times a day till the finish. If you need to reach me right away, the satphone will be on all the time, those of you who might need it should already have the number. I’ll try to fix the alternator bracket but the main thing is sailing to the finish. 

It looks like Emma Richards on Pindar has made a brilliant comeback from way back to pass three boats to take 4th place! Good show Emma! The Brits are going to be quite excited to see the home girl make good. I doubt if any beer will be left in town by the time I get there….;-) 

Supplier sponsor highlight for today: Metropolis Metal Works! Jeff Daniels and crew at Metropolis are responsible for all of Ocean Planet nifty titanium stanchions, pulpits, chainplates, and a horde of really tricky custom stuff like our mast step and deck collars for our rotating mast. I sure wish that I had Jeff make the alternator bracket!!!!! 

That’s it for now, back to sailing,


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