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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Around Alone Log
Headin’ for the Hideout
2212gmt Friday Evening
October 18, 2002 Pos: 42 00N, 9 48W


Wow, right now I can count almost 20 freighters on my radar screen! Apparently I’m crossing the “Freighter Freeway” that leads to Cape Finisterre, then across the Bay of Biscay and to the English channel. I feel like I am running across the road in rush hour traffic. I am just crossing the northbound lane now so soon I’ll be clear and won’t become the watery version of roadkill….;-)

An hour or two ago I got up from one of my 15 minute rests and switched on the radar to look around (the very first thing I do whenever I get up). I just about jumped out of my fleece undies when I saw the mess of ships ahead and wondered how I would get through.

Anyway, about 40 miles to go till my first time in Spain, but it will be more like 60 through the water if the wind doesn’t shift to a better angle. Oh well, it always seems to blow straight from wherever I want to go, but I’m getting used to it. I’ll just be happy to miss this one last freighter (I hope) breathing down my neck, just over a mile away…

By for now,


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