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Ocean Planet Report
Ocean Planet Around Alone Log
October 15, 2002
Brixham, England


Start of Leg 2 

After several days of manic work, I was still out at the end of the boom, at the dock running reef lines when the other boats set off, but I did get out about four hours after them and began chasing.

Last night was horrid. A nasty low moved through and pummeled us with changing and often violent winds. Damage was limited, new boom now thoroughly tested, but I’m exhausted. What a basher for starting a long trip. I’m totally trashed from getting out of the channel. Was never sick on Leg 1, but puked guts (and brains?) out this time. Dropped main in big blast this morning and basically slept all day. Just re-hoisted (3rd reefed), but will be 1/4 throttle till I feel better. It’s a long way to Cape Town!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard to get me on my way. Especially Ashley Perrin who impressed everyone with her hard work and organization To Ted Van Dusen for getting the boom done in record time, John Zisa for pulling off several miracles to get it to England, Andrew Roberts and my cousin Lydia Vargas for getting the boom to Brixham from London and working for days on the boat, Stephen Hodges (of Sacramento) who showed up and played a crucial role doing many tasks, to the wonderful people of Brixham and Tor Bay. To name just a few who worked tirelessly to help me: Calvin and Jane Moulder, Malcolm and Janice Cooke, John (a great fiddler, too!), Richard, Stuart, Roger, Reg Hill, Commodore Chris, and many others. There is no place that could have been better to be for the stopover.

Attached are some pics: , finishing the boom, leaving Tor Bay, and the current mess in the sail locker… 


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