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Ocean Planet Report
Monday, December 16, 2002
Pos: 37 42S, 21 21E


We spent more time in light air yesterday than expected, but on the plus side it gave me some time to attend to numerous fixes and chores. I remounted a cheek block on the boom for the vang system and relashed some others also for the vang. A new Nexus remote control for the autopilot arrived too late to install ashore, so I wired that up and tested it from its intended location….the starboard bunk….;-)

The wind has been steadily building as the first low pressure system approaches. I’ve been feeling nervous, running around and checking things, and will be reefing a bit early until I get a feel for how accurate the weather models are. I think we’re ready but you just never know! The clear skies of yesterday have given way to low clouds and spots of rain. There is a real feeling of anticipation and wonder about what it will be like in a week or so when we will be getting deeper into the south.

I’ve also been trying to catch up on some sleep, which I was quite deprived of at the start and am starting to feel much better physically. Some good food and taking my Mariner’s Vitamins is getting me up to speed. It is amazing how much conditioning it takes in your arms to grind a reef out of the main!

Going to keep this one short as I may have to put in a second reef soon….it’s going to blow 30kts tonight, will let you know how it goes….

Bruce and OceanPlanet


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